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July 14 2012

Those who subvert social norms are, ostensibly, people who have forgotten that they can be seen, publicly, at any time. Therefore, when they transgress social norms—by expressing physical affection for a person not visibly coded as the opposite sex, for example, or by being fat and rejecting social and bodily invisibility—they need to be reminded of this omniscient social gaze, and in the absence of institutional discipline, must be punished so they do not transgress again. This is the mechanism by which a dude who sees me in a vividly-colored dress, walking alone as though I either don’t know or don’t care that I am defying bodily norms, feels compelled to scream “UGLY FAT BITCH” at me. He is applying social discipline and teaching me a lesson: Everyone can see you, and your body and/or behavior are unacceptable.
So Michel Foucault and Jeremy Bentham walk into an elementary school cafeteria
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October 24 2011

Yay for non-stereotypical transmen.
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October 23 2011

I have to say that I don't really like soft porn in my timeline, especially when it comes across as standard lesbian porn that satisfies the male gaze yet again – with models that meet the conventional beauty standards yet again (yeah, except for the tattoos maybe).
Here's a text that explains this a bit more.

September 29 2011

Eine Studie über die Darstellung von Homosexualität in der Bravo (Rezension)

Homosexualität wurde ab Mitte der sechziger Jahre zum Thema in der Bravo: als krankhafte Abweichung. Erst in den Achtzigern wurde Schwulsein akzeptiert und Jimmy Somerville zu einer wichtigen Galionsfigur der Bewegung. Eine Studie zum Umgang des Blattes mit dem Thema Homosexualität hat rund tausend Beiträge aus fünfzig Jahren untersucht.
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