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August 23 2012

faster than a knee jerk assumption! more powerful than a stereotype!
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August 17 2012

Wiki of the Nonbinary gender visibility, education and advocacy network, arguing for equal access to employment, services and medical treatment for those who don't fit the gender binary.
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July 12 2012

The vocabulary to describe living in a gender outside of the strict binary male and female genders is limited, relatively new, and still constantly evolving. Even when I attempt to describe my current identity, what comes out eventually contradicts itself and runs in circles.
Elliot Long
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April 23 2012

  • My non-binary experiences are valid.
  • My non-binary experiences are defined by me.
  • I do not identify other non-binary peoples’ experiences, and they don’t define mine.
  • Binary people do not get to define my or anyone else’s non-binary experiences.
  • I have the right as a non-binary person to refuse to accept people brushing me or any other non-binary person under the fucking carpet because our existences complicate their inaccurate (mis)understandings of gender.
  • I am real.
  • I exist.
  • I am valid.
  • I am real.
  • I exist.
  • I am valid.
  • Dear Cissexism,

    April 14 2012

    Semantics, semiotics and the use of the term ‘nonbinary’

    Finding the right words to describe those, like myself, who don’t fit comfortably into traditional male/female genders and bodies is a bit of a tricky business. How do you contain a multiplicity in a single word? How do you indicate an infinite number of divisions? Increasingly, the term ‘nonbinary’ is used as a catch-all term. I’ve been known to use it myself. I have every sympathy with those who use it – it can be useful, and is certainly a step forward in this gradual evolution of discourse surrounding gender and sexes and being. But the niggling semantic/semiotic worries I’ve been having – well, they’ve stepped up.
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