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August 17 2012

racism & die cis scum

the fact that you are even able to name one form of oppression and throw the weight of a prominent “die cis scum” tattoo behind it is as much a statement about your privilege as it is your oppression. The absence of “die racist scum” or “die colonialist scum” tattoos on your body is jarring

July 13 2012

These systems are all connected. There are connections between racism and ableism, for example. These things interact with and play off each other. Identities cannot be neatly segmented into little pieces that can be individually addressed, because they interlock with each other. People, living beings, cannot be chopped apart for a movement. And movements that refuse to acknowledge their own complicity with oppression will continue the same acts of oppression, will repeat the same crimes committed by those who went before.
s.e. smith
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It's strange how the white, able-bodied, heterosexual, middle-aged... man is a silent norm here and people who are discriminated against are portrayed as a variation in only one of these aspects.
Discrimination doesn't work like this. For example when you're a fat lesbian woman, people might call you an "ugly lesbian", not because you're a lesbian, not because you're female, not because you're fat, but because of all of this at the same time.
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