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August 23 2012

faster than a knee jerk assumption! more powerful than a stereotype!
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April 06 2012

Sometimes I think that “hating labels” is something that happens when you don’t have to acknowledge your marginality on a daily basis… like I personally don’t give a shit what you call my sexual orientation, or my gender, but I have to deal with the shit I get for it on a daily basis… when I say I’m queer, when I say I’m a dyke, when I explain my gender as “genderfluid femme” I’m not choosing to label myself, I’m telling you what bullshit I deal with on a daily basis. You can hate labels when you don’t deal with violence and aggression for what you are, otherwise they’re just a fact of life.
Peacock Angel
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January 22 2012

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Queerer Than Thou

July 19 2011

anti-pseudonym bingo
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Let’s recap really quickly: wanting to and being able to use your legal name everywhere is associated with privilege. Non-exhaustive list of reasons you might not want to use it on social networks: everyone knows you by a nickname; you want everyone to know you by a nickname; you’re experimenting with changing some aspect of your identity online before you do it elsewhere; online circles are the only place it’s safe to express some aspect of your identity, ever; your legal name marks you as a member of a group disproportionately targeted for harassment; you want to say things or make connections that you don’t want to share with colleagues, family or bosses; you hate your legal name because it is shared with an abusive family member; your legal name doesn’t match your gender identity; you want to participate in a social network as a fictional character; the mere thought of your stalker seeing even your locked down profile makes you sick; you want to create a special-purpose account; you’re an activist wanting to share information but will be in danger if identified; your legal name is imposed by a legal system that doesn’t match your culture… you know, stuff that only affects a really teeny minority numerically, and only a little bit, you know?
— Mary on Geek Feminism
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