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July 13 2012

No Queer Girls Are Queerer Than Others

Resisting Femme Invisibility

July 12 2012

The vocabulary to describe living in a gender outside of the strict binary male and female genders is limited, relatively new, and still constantly evolving. Even when I attempt to describe my current identity, what comes out eventually contradicts itself and runs in circles.
Elliot Long
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May 18 2012


mapping gender neutral bathrooms, unisex restrooms, accessible toilets. bathrooms for everyone

April 14 2012

Semantics, semiotics and the use of the term ‘nonbinary’

Finding the right words to describe those, like myself, who don’t fit comfortably into traditional male/female genders and bodies is a bit of a tricky business. How do you contain a multiplicity in a single word? How do you indicate an infinite number of divisions? Increasingly, the term ‘nonbinary’ is used as a catch-all term. I’ve been known to use it myself. I have every sympathy with those who use it – it can be useful, and is certainly a step forward in this gradual evolution of discourse surrounding gender and sexes and being. But the niggling semantic/semiotic worries I’ve been having – well, they’ve stepped up.

April 06 2012

pronoun buttons
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April 02 2012

the only way gender is binary
Tags: gender binary
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March 29 2012

What Transmisogyny Looks Like

This is a topic that has been vital to my understanding of the world over the past few years, but it's still relatively unknown outside certain circles of activists. When I mention it as an area of my work, I almost invariably have to explain what it is. The short answer is that it is the intersection of transphobia and misogyny that specifically targets trans women. But that dry academic answer never communicates the visceral and intense experience that it is. Here's a limited list of examples of what transmisogyny looks like. Every example on this list has a story (or dozens of stories) behind it.

March 25 2012

don't assume my gender
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March 10 2012

I can switch at will between being a man or a woman.
It's not my problem if you get weirded out
because my body stays the same.
{{any sufficiently complex system is hackable}}
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March 05 2012

“I was not ladylike, nor was I manly. I was something else altogether. There were so many different ways to be beautiful.” – Michael Cunningham

February 14 2012

„I can guarantee a hair cut will never tell you anything about someone's gender, who they love, or how they fuck.“ – Andrea Gibson
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February 11 2012

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Gender 101 episode #1: Don't Box Me In
Join me in a discussion with a Gender Fluid Activist (you'll learn with me how they self-identify) about how gender isn't a binary male/female status.
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February 09 2012

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Farah befragt sogenannte Normalbürger aus der Mann-Frau-Gesellschaft, wann sie gemerkt haben, dass sie ein Mann oder eine Frau sind.
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October 19 2011


[image from ‘Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon’ colouring book by Jacinta Bunnell & Nat Kusinitz. Two children, one in a dress standing, one in a shirt and tie using a wheelchair study a board with cross-out pronouns on it. Circled on the board is ‘ze’. Caption: “the new pronoun they invented suited everyone just fine.”]

If you’re going to colour this image please do not remove the author & illustrator names from the top, and please buy this book - it’s well worth it for yourself or a child in your life.

October 05 2011


September 11 2011

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Wrong Bathroom
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September 04 2011

You Know You’re Trans* When: You want to talk in a non-English language just because you can use specific words and articles for your real gender.
You Know You’re Trans When

September 01 2011

"Hen" is a Swedish gender neutral pronoun that is rather unknown at the moment. (via)
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July 22 2011

Pass or Fail?

Asher Bauer on why the notion of “passing” is extremely problematic.
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