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October 06 2012

Body policing and fat hate are related, but they are not the same

See, when you’re actual fat, you enter a whole other world where it’s not just that you feel bad, it’s that you get treated even worse.
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Body policing and fat hate are related, but they are not the same

See, when you’re actual fat, you enter a whole other world where it’s not just that you feel bad, it’s that you get treated even worse.
Tags: fat English

August 26 2012

[antes – después]
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July 18 2012


Everyday as an average sized person ...

July 14 2012

Those who subvert social norms are, ostensibly, people who have forgotten that they can be seen, publicly, at any time. Therefore, when they transgress social norms—by expressing physical affection for a person not visibly coded as the opposite sex, for example, or by being fat and rejecting social and bodily invisibility—they need to be reminded of this omniscient social gaze, and in the absence of institutional discipline, must be punished so they do not transgress again. This is the mechanism by which a dude who sees me in a vividly-colored dress, walking alone as though I either don’t know or don’t care that I am defying bodily norms, feels compelled to scream “UGLY FAT BITCH” at me. He is applying social discipline and teaching me a lesson: Everyone can see you, and your body and/or behavior are unacceptable.
So Michel Foucault and Jeremy Bentham walk into an elementary school cafeteria
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July 13 2012

If you think fat people have no self-discipline, consider the fact that they haven't killed you yet.
Robin Abrahams
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April 29 2012

“Naoko Takeuchi originally saw Sailor Moon as being ‘a little chubby’, but was pressured by her editors into drawing her more thin. So I decided I wanted to draw her plus-sized.” (via)
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But then, the truth was never really the point. Thin women don’t tell their fat friends ‘You’re not fat’ because they’re confused about the dictionary definition of the word, or their eyes are broken, or they were raised on planets where size 24 is the average for women. They don’t say it because it’s the truth. They say it because fat does not mean just fat in this culture. It can also mean any or all of the following:

Socially inept
Just plain icky

So when they say ‘You’re not fat,’ what they really mean is ‘You’re not a dozen nasty things I associate with the word fat.’ The size of your body is not what’s in question; a tape measure or a mirror could solve that dispute. What’s in question is your goodness, your lovability, your intelligence, your kindness, your attractiveness. And your friends, not surprisingly, are inclined to believe you get high marks in all those categories. Ergo, you couldn’t possibly be fat.

— Kate Harding
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April 23 2012

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April 08 2012


The following are some personal guidelines on how people can opt out of fat hate and challenge the objectification of fat bodies.

March 22 2012

Wie dickenfreundlich bin ich?

Ein Test zum Lesen und Nachdenken von der ARGE Dicke Weiber

September 20 2011

Fat is a feminist Issue

Das gesellschaftlich vorherrschende Schönheitsideal ist scheiße, darüber sind sich alle einig. Demzufolge dürfte es der näheren Betrachtung nicht – oder?

September 04 2011

Fat Hate Bingo! (#2)
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July 30 2011


And it doesn't help much when my friends and family, who all know how I feel about this, continue to make anti-fat statements and bitch about how fat they feel and mention new diets they've heard about and are just dying to try. "I'm shaped like a watermelon." "Wow, I'm so happy, I now wear a size seven instead of a size nine." "I like this mirror because it makes me look thinner."

I can't understand how they could still think these things when I'm constantly talking about these issues, and I can't believe that they would think that these are okay things to talk about in front of me. And it's not like I want them to censor their conversations around me... I just want them not to think it. I know that most of this is just a reflection of how they think about themselves and isn't intended as an attack on me or an invalidation of my work, but it makes it that much harder for me. It puts all those thoughts inside me. Today I was standing outside of work and I caught a glimpse of myself in the window and thought, "Hey, I don't look that fat!" And I immediately realized how fucked up that was, but that didn't stop me from feeling more attractive because of it.

I want this out of me. This is not a part of me, and theoretically I can separate it all out and throw away the shit, but it's never really gone.
Nomy Lamm
Tags: fat feminism
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May 10 2010

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