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July 14 2012

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All Things Butch and Trans
Tags: butch FtM trans*

July 13 2012

April 15 2012

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Klaus Nomi “simple man” with footage from existrans pride 2005

April 11 2012

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Boy I Am
While female-to-male transgender visibility has recently exploded in this country, conversations about trans issues in the lesbian community often run into resistance from the many queer women who view transitioning as a "trend" or as an anti-feminist act that taps into male privilege. Boy I Am is a feature-length documentary that begins to break down that barrier and promote dialogue about trans issues through a look at the experiences of three young transitioning FTMs in New York City--Nicco, Norie and Keegan--as they go through major junctures in their transitions, as well as through the voices of lesbians, activists and theorists who raise and address the questions that many people have but few openly discuss.
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August 18 2010

Sophia Wallace: Truer, Untitled #17 (via)
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